Who are the Rangers?

zip-liningDominion Christian School's outdoor adventure program -- One of the school's most beloved groups is the high adventure club, Rangers Outdoors. This program introduces students of varying skill levels to backpacking, rock climbing, caving, biking, whitewater rafting, and winter sports-all unique opportunities for private school students.

Since its inception at Dominion in 1997, the Rangers have been creating fear and laughter among its members. Rangers is unique in that very few (if any) high schools offer programs of its type. We are a high adventure outdoor club that offers Dominion students of varying experience levels the opportunity to get outside and accomplish things that they may not have thought they could or may not have had the chance to accomplish otherwise. We also recognize the sovereignty of God and his general revelation in nature, and so we try to both establish and nurture a love for God through his fantastic creation.

We take a weekend a month to enjoy God through his natural revelation. So, if you truly want to have students with a respect and knowledge of the world around them, then get them out of the urban and suburban wonderland/jungle and let them experience the mysterious, serene, and slightly dangerous world outside asphalt boundaries that the DCS Rangers program offers.

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