Backpacking, Jericho, AL

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A enjoyable hike in the the Bear Hollow Mountain area.

The "Walls" is an impressive geological feature that forms a large bowl shaped amphitheater. Embedded in the limestone are bowling ball size holes from which water drips and spouts, creating a unique water feature. This amphitheater gives rise to steep 200-foot sheer rock walls that creates the natural feature defining the amphitheater. Turkey Creek drains through the "Walls". The natural area forest is comprised of maples, oaks, hickories, tulip tree, American beech, eastern red cedar, and many other plants commonly associated with limestone. The forestland beyond the "Walls" feature is noteworthy with its many bluffs, large rock outcroppings, caves, and sinkholes.

Key Features: 200 ft rock walls, shallow creeks, stepped waterfalls, rock amphitheater.

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