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Mullins Cove Loop is a 10 mile trail that lies within the 24,686 acre Prentice Cooper Wilderness Management Area. This entire loop is part of the Cumberland Trail. A significant length of this trail hangs airily along the edge of a 1000 feet of vertical drop down to the Tennessee River. Many spots along the trail offer peaks into the depth of the river gorge which has carved it's way through 26 miles of the Cumberland Plateau. The most spectacular view into the gorge comes just before the trail turns westward into the Mullin's Creek drainage at Snooper's Rock.

The trail is generally gradual in it's relief but not without a few steep switchbacks to sizzle your calves and quads. Creeks gurgle and bubble along before plunging steeply over the breach into the rocks below on their way to the Tennessee River. Lichen and moss encrusted outcrops of rock emerge from the soil creating a stunning collage of texture and color that changes as the canopy morphs with the seasonal shifts.

Key Features: creeks, stepped waterfalls, overlooks (especially Snooper's Rock), Indian Rock House (stairs between two giant slabs of rocks),

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Cost: $50/person

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