Cohutta Backpacking

jacks-riverBeech Bottom Trail is the most easily walked trail in the Cohutta Wilderness. It also is the only trail that leads to the Jacks River Falls without fording the river. These two facts account for Beech Bottom being the most popular trail in the Cohutta wilderness.

The trail begins in Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest and travels southward. At 0.3 miles it crosses into Georgia. The trail gently descends to a small stream at 1.0 miles. From there, the trail follows another stream uphill to mile 2.4. Here it begins a gradual descent to Jacks River. At mile 3.3, the trail turns to the right and crosses Beech Creek. At mile 4.0, the trail terminates at the Jacks River Trail.

The falls are 0.6 miles downstream (right). A very large campsite is located approximately .4 mile downstream after reaching the Jacks River. Just past the campsites approximately 150 yards is the Jacks River Falls.

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